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Activities of the international Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU (based on the data of the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation) 


Dmitrii P. Mochalov, Master degree student, specialist of the department of scientific programs, grants and contractual activities, Orenburg State Pedagogical University (19 Sovetskaya street, Orenburg, Russia), E-mail:
Inna V. Nevzorova, Candidate of historical sciences, associate professor, associate professor of the sub-department of the history of Russia, Orenburg State Pedagogical University (19 Sovetskaya street, Orenburg, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The current practice of interference in the internal political Affairs of independent States increases interest in similar events in the past. Their study and correct assessment, in turn, require generalization of historical experience, including domestic experience. This article is devoted to the study of assistance to the international Communist movement by the CPSU in the last years of its existence.
Materials and methods. The study was based on published materials of the proceedings in the constitutional court of the Russian Federation and materials of investigative journalism in the Central press, which accompanied the coverage of the process on the constitutionality of the CPSU and the constitutionality of the orders of the President of the Russian Federation to ban its activities.
Results. The mechanisms of providing assistance to friendly parties and movements by the CPSU, its specific forms, as well as the scale of such measures are evaluated. It is noted that the mechanisms for providing support to the international Communist movement were quite diverse, and a number of them directly relied on the help of the state apparatus.
Conclusions. Based on the study of the materials, it can be concluded that the international Department of the CPSU Central Committee maintained a high quality of work despite the General destabilization of the political system, which, in turn, being correlated with the shadow activities of other party structures, could contribute to a reassessment of its state at the time of the ban. The importance of studying the experience of the Central Committee of the CPSU in the international sphere for understanding modern mechanisms of financing political parties by international funds is noted. 

Key words

“Case of the CPSU”, assistance to Communist parties, foreign policy, international Department of the CPSU, political party financing 


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